Yeah, last weekend my friend Spencer called me up, asking if I wanted to go up to Lake Erie with him. I decided to go up, and it was pretty sweet! Once we arrived, we got on the jetski and just did a bunch of crazy stuff. Haha, I felt really uncomfortable most of the time because we went around 50 mph and went over a ton of waves, so I was bouncing all around and thought I was going to die! Heh, well not really, but it really felt like I was going to fall off. Then we stopped at a random beach, and found two girls we knew from our city, Maddy Scasny and Emily Hammond. We hung with them for the trip, and we had some fun! We went jetskiing with them as well, and we did some tubing, too. That night Spencer and I just hung around. Played some catch, with a hockey puck instead of a baseball, and then we had a little bit of dinner. As the sun was setting we grabbed a tennis ball and just hit some grounders and popups to each other. I ran for a little pop up, and I was going for the trademark Willie Mays over the head catch, but I ran face first into the volleyball net, getting clotheslined. That was pretty hilarious…got the wind taken out of me for about 15 seconds, too. Just some fun stuff. We also shot some hoops, and later that night Maddy and Emily came back from somewhere, and Spencer and I jumped into the car and we drove to the video store and rented a movie. We got “Zodiac”, or something like that. We went back into their trailor and just chilled for half an hour or so, just talked about stuff and made some smoothies. Then we layed out on the pull-out bed and watched the movie. It was honestly the biggest piece of shit movie, ever. Then Spencer and I went back to his grandparents’ trailor and watched a little bit of Mythbusters until we fell asleep. We woke up Sunday, and it was freezing! We went to the beach, and then Maddy and Emily came along and we just hung around in the lake for a little bit. Then we went to the swingset and play area thing right off the beach, and just hung there for awhile. Then the two of them left to go back to Findlay. Spencer and I then started playing baseball with some little kids, and just had some fun with that. That day, the place we were staying at for the weekend was celebrating their 50th anniversary, so there was a big lunch thing going on. After that, Spencer and I went back onto the beach and laid on a towel for a bit, which was pretty tight. After that, it was a pretty laid back kind of day. Spencer and I were getting sore all over…we shot some hoops for a bit, and then we walked out to some place and bought some icecream cones. Shortly after, we were on our way back home. We met my parents and grandparents at a swim/tennis club, and played some tennis and had a cookout there. So yeah, that weekend was really sweet.

And today, I went to my younger brother, Bryan’s (he’s 10 years old, by the way) baseball game. He’s playing in the tournement now since the regular season is over. My bro did some impressive things with the bat, knocking 3 homeruns during the regular season. I missed every game of his, though. So today in their toughest baseball game of the year, competition wise, my bro’s team got a quick 5-0 lead. Bryan in his 2nd trip to the plate, crushed a ball over the fence, and that got me going, because I finally got to see him crank on outta’ the park. And in his 3rd time up at-bat, he hit another one over the fence! That was just amazing. But soon the other team came back with huge inning of their own and for the rest of the game it was a battle. The other team eventually took the lead, and in our last at bat, we needed to score a run to at least have the game continue. The bottom of our lineup was due up, with two of the team’s worst hitters due up (8-9-1). The first one struck out, and the next hitter (the last batter in the order) had a surprisingly good at-bat, and drew the walk. Then my brother, Bryan, steps into the plate again, and there’s obviously a lot of energy and focus on him this at-bat, because everyone knows about the 2 homers in his last 2 at-bats, and the team was relying on him to keep his team in the game. He crushed the ball, AGAIN, but this one would stay in the park and bounced up into the fence. He’d have to settle for a triple, to tie the game. Haha…then he eventually scored, making him the go-ahead run. I’m not one to brag about my family, but his performance was simply amazing. We then went home, and Bryan had to be back at the field in less than 2 hours for another game. I didn’t go, because it was extremely hot outside. Later, my mom called my other brother (Jordan), also at home, and told him Bryan just hit a GRAND SLAM. Jordan came into my room and told me this, (while I was writing the first part of this post. =] ) and I was just shocked…haha, then I called my mom, and had her tell me everything about it. So yeah, 3 homeruns in 1 day, adding onto 6 for his season total. That’s just amazing…

Well, yeah! That’ll be a wrap for this post.


Hey there…I’m kind of new to this. There’s really no good blogs out there anymore, and Myspace killed of Xanga over a year ago, so yeah. And myspace’s blog sucks ass I hear, so no one ever uses that. So for now this will be my home…

Well, I’m glad it’s officially summer. To kick off the vacation, I went to my favorite German, Oliver Rehbein’s party. Probably 25+ different people arrived/left, it was hard to keep track, plus it was awhile ago so I don’t fully remember. It was pretty sweet. We hung in the basement for the entire party. There was some ping pong, the wii, and just hanging out. Good times with the “Germ”. It sucks so bad that he had to leave America and go back home to Germany 2 Mondays ago, because he was a foreign exchange student…it really does suck. We had some sweet times, though. Hanging out at the pool, playing tennis a few times, and the party. Also some great times in school. I’ll definitely miss him.

Ahhh, what else? About 3 weekends ago we went up to the Detroit area to celebrate Fathers Day…it was nice hanging around my two cousins once again. We went tubing on the boat and some other fun stuff. One of my cousins (Jacob) and I stayed up late one night watching some TV and stuff. Had a beer or two. Tasted no better than piss, I’ll tell you.  Not sure what else we did while we were up there, but it was still fun. Then Rachel (Jacob’s younger sister) came down with us to Ohio to stay for a bit. My brothers and her rented Red Eye, so I watched that with them.

Then the next day (Monday) was the beginning of summer school for me. Blehh…I signed up for Communications II to get it out of the way so I didn’t have to deal with it next year. The last day of the 3-week course ended yesterday, and I walked out with a B. Not too happy with that since I was shooting for an A. Saw some of my old friends I haven’t spoken to in awhile though, like Stephen Reffner and Jordan McGlade and that stuff, so I had some fun in class with them and many others.

Not sure what else is going on…my Indians are in first place in the AL Central. Well, the Tigers just won it in the bottom of the 13th inning vs the Red Sox, so now the Tribe and Tigers are tied for the division lead, but it’s still good. Soooo, I think that wraps up my first post.

By the way, does anyone know how I can upload pictures saved onto my cell phone? I’d like to post some here or something…

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July 8, 2007

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